Virtual Girlfriend Experience

To help flatten the curve of transmission, and to follow the CDC's recommended guidelines I am currently unavailable for in-person dates. While this was unexpected, and I would love to continue meeting gentlemen it is currently not possible for my health and that of those around me. For the time being I am offer text based dates. 


Netflix and Chill: Would you like to virtually watch a movie together and chat about it and our days? This lasts for the duration of whatever movie you choose. Selfies and enthusiastic commentary guaranteed. 

1 Day of Love: Want to keep in touch but can't commit to a full week of attention? Book day by day. Availability for this is based on how busy I am with other weekly arrangements. 

Weekday Romance: Want to keep things within business hours to maintain discretion? Available Monday to Friday in-between 9:00AM and 5:00PM.

Please email me to discuss, as well as the know the payment methods I accept for these arrangements. 

Weekly Arrangements 

Weekly arrangements would revolve around companionship and connection opposed to sexting (while a little fun never hurt anyone and isn't completely off limits). It would be based via SMS or emails, whichever your preference is. You can expect pictures throughout our day and would be within the hours of 9:00AM to 9:00PM for 7 days.

While my responses will always be as prompt as I can make them, I will still be living my daily life (walking the dogs, reading, cooking, etc) and may not response instantly at all times but there shouldn’t be a long wait as you will have my full attention. 

Please email me to discuss, as well as the know the payment methods I accept for this arrangement. 

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